Union Protectiva de Santa Fe Nuevo Mexjico is one of the oldest Spanish Fraternal Organizations in the United States. We formed in 1915 and chartered and established in 1916 by Marcelino Apodaca to help preserve the language, traditions, history, folklore and culture of Santa Fe New Mexico, for future generations and descendants of the original Spanish Colonists.

Marcelino, a native son of Santa Fe NM was born in 1880, organized and formed our organization. He was our first President and served for the first 16 years of our existence. Under his guidance, we had grown to more than 1000 members and a creation of a Ladies Auxiliary. Marcelino served as President once again in 1948 (See photo below). He passed away in 1959 leaving behind his widow Marcelina Rodriguez Apodaca and leaving a legacy.

Our organization was established around three principle fundamentals. Unión – Protección – Instrucción

Unión (Togetherness) – The joining and unifying of the group to share ideas and thoughts. Enjoying the comradery of not only of the brother but the families as well.

Protección (Protection) – Protecting our heritage, culture, religion, history for future generations to come.

Instucción (Teaching) – Teaching and instructing our younger generation the values tradition past down to us from the first settlers who came to the Santa Fe area. Traditions such as Silversmithing, Carpentry, Wood Carving, Tin Work, Food Preservation, Music and so on. Passing down our history and stories for the Santa Fe area. Interpreting traditional Spanish to English or English to Spanish and much, much more.

Los Tres Principios Fundamentales / 3 Fundamental Principles

Union Protectiva De Santa Fe, Nuevo Mejico 1948